Therapeutic uses of Sesame oil

Sesame oil for body, skin and hair:

Sesame oil does wonders to your body, skin, and hair.

Regular WEEKLY practice of having full body oil bath relaxes and rejuvenates the entire body and your skin. Massaging the head and body with sesame oil removes the heat from our body, especially during hot summers. It helps to reduce the stress in the eyes, especially people who spend a lot of time staring the computers will greatly benefit from oil bath. Sesame oil is a wonder oil.

Traditionally in India, usually every Friday women have their oil bath and men have their oil bath on Saturdays.

Oil pulling:

In the morning, before breakfast on an empty stomach, pour one tablespoon (10ml) of Sesame Oil into your mouth. Swish and swirl the Sesame Oil gently, in a comfortable way, through the gums and teeth. Do it till the oil gets thinner and whiter (10-15 min). Then spit and rinse the oral cavity thoroughly with warm salt water. Do not swallow even a drop of oil as it contains toxins, which have been pulled out from the blood while swishing. The spitted oil can eventually clog up the sink. Clean the sink with soap immediately after spitting.

In addition to improving oral health, Oil Pulling normalizes nervous activity – disappearing pains, such as headache, etc. It benefits overall physical health.

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